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  泰弈泰拳(CBD)会馆新浪微博 泰弈泰拳CBD会馆

The Legend Muay Thai & Fitness·China’s Premier Brand of Muay Thai Gym

(An Official YOKKAO Training Centre)


The Legend FightersSrijan The Legend, Wang Le The Legend and Saken The Legend will be representing The Legend to participate in a Beijing Interclub Muay Thai Competition. Date is on coming Sunday 20 Apr at 3:30pm, members and members' friends are welcome to join us. Venue is at FengTai, and we shall depart together at 3:30pm at The Legend. Stay tuned for their fights.

May Day Hours/劳动节假期拳馆上课安排
Dear Members,  please kindly note the following gym opening hours:
1 May 2014 (Thur): Closed 1 day
2-4 May 2014: MT Max at 3:00pm-5:00pm, MT Kids 2pm-3pm
Happy Festival!
2014 劳动节假期安排
5月1日(周四): 闭馆1
5月2-4MT Max Class 3:00-5:00pm, MT Kids 2:00-3:00pm


Talents needed/招聘The Legend is looking for talents to join their team, including receptionists, membership consultants and a gym manager. Interested parties please send your CV to info@thelegend-muaythai.com

本馆先招聘前台一名,经理一名,有兴趣者请发电邮及简历到: info@thelegend-muaythai.com

***Press Release 12 March 2013***
The Legend Muay Thai proudly announces that Saichon Thummarong, Buakaw's exclusive trainer in Thailand, joins The Legend Elite Trainer Team.

Saichon started his training at a young age at the famous Por Pramuk gym in Thailand. He has competed in over 200 Muay Thai  and boxing fights and has competed at Lumpini on several occasions. In his fights he exhibited a very aggressive style of Muay Thai which allowed him to have some of the most exciting fights around. His heart and style of fighting made him an instant fan favourite but forced him to end his career at a young age. After his fighting career came to a close, he became Buakaw's head trainer, Buakaw being the most famous Thai boxer in Thailand as well as a Lumpini and K-1 World Champion. Saichon's pad work is second to none in the world and he is able to work with the students of all ages and abilities. Beyond his obvious skills in coaching, Saichon embodies the prototypical Nak Muay not only in his fighting style, but also his heart and strength of character. He is also able to speak Chinese and English which helps him communicate with our students and improve their abilities. Saichon still currently helps Buakaw prepare for his fights at his new gym Banchamek Gym in Bangkok.

热烈欢迎泰拳人气拳王播求Buakaw Banchamek的专属教练Saichon加盟泰弈泰拳馆。欢迎大家多多来交流,机会难得,体验拳王级别的泰拳锻炼!

***Press Release 1 October 2012***

The Legend Muay Thai proudly announces becoming a Yokkao Training Centre. Yokkao Training Centers are top class worldwide gyms such as Sityodtong Gym, Por Pramuk Gym and 13 Coins Gym. The Legend is proud to be the FIRST and ONLY-ONE Yokkao Training Centre in Asia outside Thailand.

At Yokkao Training centers you will train with approved trainers and you will have also the possibility to train with Yokkao Fight Team sponsored fighters such as Buakaw, Saenchai, Yoddecha, Andy Souwer, Dzhabar Askerov etc. An absolute experience that you will never forget.

In Yokkao Training Center you breathe and live pure Muay Thai.

泰弈泰拳CBD会馆将会成为全亚洲继泰国最有名的Sityodtong, Por Pramuk Gym, 13 Coins Gym拳馆之外的最新的Yokkao Training Centre,Yokkao Training Centre是全世界最顶级最专业的泰拳训练中心,在这里你可以接受拳王级教练的亲自传授,学到最全面的泰拳知识,以及体验最专业的泰拳设备和服饰.

届时,Yokkao的赞助拳手,包括世界闻名的Buakaw, Saenchai, Yoddecha ,Andy Souwer ,Dzhabar Askerov等等,也会不定时来北京的Yokkao Training Centre和我们的会员进行研讨交流.



The Legend Thai Boxing Weight Loss Program – Results GUARANTEED!!! Check it Out! 
泰弈泰拳Fightslim瘦身计划 - 我们确保您达到理想的瘦身目标!!! 快来体验吧!

FightSlim – Results Guaranteed is a premier weight loss program specific to The Legend that is guaranteed to help lose your weight and improve your health! This program is a comprehensive approach combining THAI BOXING and CIRCUIT TRAINING to help you attain your goals – whether they are based on weight loss or simply improving your overall health - either way we guarantee it will work in just 8 weeks!  Try it today! More details...



For a trial class, please email us info@thelegend-muaythai.com

Located in the CBD, The Legend is the only gym in Beijing that exclusively teaches Muay Thai. All of The Legend’s trainers are elite Muay Thai champions from Thailand: Team Trainer Ole boasts a 5-year undefeated record in Rajadamnern Stadium’s 130 lbs Championship, Team Trainer Boo is a Rajadamnern Stadium 118 lbs Champion and Team Trainer Rung is a Lumpini Stadium 108 lbs Champion. Our team of instructors is one of the largest and most experienced Muay Thai teams in China. 
The Legend offers the highest quality Muay Thai and fitness instruction available anywhere: our training strictly adheres to the authentic training system practiced by the most distinguished Muay Thai gyms in Thailand. “Train like a Thai, fight like a Thai” is the core concept of The Legend. The Legend courses are designed to suit everyone, from seasoned competition level fighters to amateur fighters and people whose primary focus is a combination of fitness and self-defense. The Legend courses will help you learn the most authentic Muay Thai; it will also help you get fit, lose weight and tone your physique in the most efficient and effective way possible.The Legend provides:
  • The only exclusively Muay Thai training facility in Beijing
  • A convenient location in the heart of the CBD
  • A team comprised entirely of elite Muay Thai champions from Thailand who offer the best in Muay Thai training
  • A comprehensive and state-of-the-art facility, equipped with an official-sized boxing ring
  • Semi-private training sessions that ensure each of our members receives personalized, appropriate instruction, regardless of skill level.
  • A flexible schedule of classes to accommodate a wide range of time slots
  • A professional level training space with state of the art gym equipment and a comfortable lounge area for post-training relaxation.


  • 泰弈泰拳位于北京CBD黄金地段,是北京唯一的一家纯泰拳馆
  • 教练均是来自泰国的泰拳冠军精英,在泰国享有盛名,并在泰国和世界各地多年从事正宗的泰拳培训,带您领略最正宗的泰拳
  • 配备全套顶级的泰国顶级专业泰拳设备和标准泰拳拳台
  • 私教和半私教式训练保证每位会员都能获得充分关注,灵活的课程时间也能满足会员的不同需求  
  • 会馆的布置完美地融合了其功能性和舒适性,为会员提供最佳的训练和休息环境



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